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Video: Gay goth scene & gay bullying

It’s been five years since the Canadian band Hidden Cameras has released a new album, and they have finally dropped a new single and music video for a song titled “Gay Goth Scene.”

The extremely dark music video follows the tragic life of a young gay goth student, who is bullied and harassed everyday at his high school and mocked for being gay. The song and accompanying music video serve as a powerful reminder of the reality of bullying in our schools today and the tragic consequences they often lead to.

gay goth bullying

In an interview with The Grid TO, the band described “Gay Goth Scene” like this: “The song is in a minor key with an apocalyptic ending; was inspired by the idea of youth and forbidden love; and describes a fictional ‘scene’ that only exists in the mind of the protagonist’s paranoid parents. It’s told from the perspective of a mother and father, chastising their teen son about his newfound romance.”

Watch the music video below:


This video is too funny! What you can REALLY do with your hashtag

Call me old-fashioned, but I really do feel overwhelmed by social media some days.  And I truly wish that the “Anti-hashtag Movement” would succeed.  I hate it.  It just seems so senseless to hashtag something when it’s not even on twitter. A normally simple sentence becomes a minefield of hashes fraught with a lack of punctuation that would reduces a conversation to a brand new low.  In fact, while the human race has achieved things as amazing such as sending a rover to Mars, our grammar has degraded to #OMGFMLLOLRATCHET

How is it that we have allowed social media to take over so much of our lives that we really are nothing but mindless zombies, who wander the streets bumping into people on our smartphones, slaves to the next big thing, the next Facebook, the next ridiculous hashtag.

I say “ENOUGH!”  Now in this funny video, they encourage the use of the percentage symbol, which of course has enraged SOMEONE, because it has a legitimate use.  Guess what jerkoff – so did the “pound sign” aka hashtag.  Yes, I know the % sign is an intelligent way for users and journalists to sort information quickly and it weakens the known uses for the % symbol by using it incorrectly.

But for the love of things good, please stop with the hashtags.  Furthermore, please don’t use them when speaking either.

All I have to say to anyone using them all the time: F*CKYER hashtags! %takethat

NSFW Video: Bryan Hawn Bootylicious MILEY CYRUS Parody

The gorgeous Bryan Hawn has given us his bootylicious parody to Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” music video, which revealed among other things her fetish for licking sledgehammers.


Hawn’s steamy parody of Cyrus’ video, which has nearly 71 million YouTube views, is worthy of running as its own ad for men’s underwear or sledgehammers.


Check out his “Wrecking Ball” parody below:

Video: Learning about Bipolar Disorder

There are approximately 5.7 million people in the United States with bipolar disorder. In an attempt to eliminate the mystery and misinformation surrounding the illness, many throughout the country diagnosed with this condition were interviewed extensively. They diligently explain the struggle to balance themselves between floating to a state of euphoria and sinking to a devastating depression.

In short, “Up/Down” is a personal analysis of bipolar disorder from those living with it. Looking for something with a more scientific or clinical angle? Try a textbook.

“Bipolar disorder is just one of many mental illnesses that is still highly stigmatized in our culture today, and ‘Up/Down’ could certainly be instrumental in changing that fact.”
-Microfilmmaker Magazine, Issue 65


Video: George Carlin – Fear of Germs

I really do think that the late George Carlin had it correct.  We have become a culture of fear of germs and as a result WEAK.

George Carlin – Fear of Germs


Video: Star Wars Rebels: Extended Trailer (Official)

Star Wars Rebels: Extended Trailer (Official)

The new original animated series, Star Wars Rebels, is coming to “Disney XD” this October.

In the trailer, viewers receive a better look at the Rebels team and the show’s plot. We also get a glimpse of an old familiar face.

“The Jedi have been wiped out and the Empire spreads tyranny through the galaxy. Hope runs thin. But on the small planet of Lothal a big change is looming. A group of rebels meet a 14-year-old con artist named Ezra and soon it’s clear their destinies are linked. Aboard their ship, the Ghost, Ezra and the rebels embark on an adventure to ignite a rebellion and strike back against the Empire.”



Video: Profiles of Hope: Rick Springfield, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s Public Information Office is proud to present its original, Emmy Award-winning series, Profiles of Hope.

Funded by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), Profiles of Hope is a set of 10-minute inspirational stories that spotlights high-profile individuals who candidly share how they overcame stigma and various obstacles to live successful and productive lives.

Rick Springfield is a Grammy Award-winning singer, actor and writer. He is well known for his #1 hit Jessie’s Girl and for his role as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.

(Video) How to be a go-go boy/stripper

Davey Wavey’s videos always make me smile.  Not only is this video entertaining, but there is some useful pointers from a go-go boy from West Hollywood 🙂  Such as how to dance as a “top” or “bottom”.


(Video) Nathan Green: This Sexy Guy Takes Us to the Gun Show

Nathan Green has an incredibly ripped and sexy body

muscle guy flexing

The incredible physique of Nathan Green



New ad for its Teddy Grahams snack line features two gay dads

Honey Maid responds to anti-gay critics by turning their hateful comments into ‘Love’

 Honey Maid has taken the extraordinary step of turning the anti-gay backlash against a recent commercial featuring two dads into a statement of love.

The company has released a YouTube video showing such hateful tweets as ‘Disgusting!” and explains that it hired two artists to take the negative comments and turn them into something else.

The women printed the comments out onto pieces of paper that they rolled up into small tubes and arranged them together so that they spell the word ‘Love.’

The company points out that while there were many negative comments, ‘we got over 10 times as many’ positive ones ‘proving that only one thing matters when it comes to family: Love.’

The 30-sec commercial opens with a gay male couple bottle-feeding their child before viewers are shown a tattooed dad laughing with his daughter, and an interracial couple and their three kids holding hands.

The voiceover says: ‘No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will. Honey Maid – everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is wholesome.’

The commerical predictably drew criticism from anti-gay groups including One Million Moms which called the ad ‘an attempt to normalize sin.’

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