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Video Teaser: Orange is the New Black Season 2 premieres June 6th!

It’s time. #OITNB Season 2 premieres June 6, 2014

Love Kate Mulgrew as "Red".

Love Kate Mulgrew as “Red”.

Watch the teaser here:


New season of Dallas Feb 24th and Netfilx adds TNT’s Dallas

I have loved all the new seasons of Dallas on TNT.  Saddened that JR has passed, but such is inevitable.  The new season starts Monday, February 24, 2014 on TNT 9pm EST. dallasisback

Netflix adds TNT’s ‘Dallas’ to instant streaming

Netflix has added the first two seasons of TNT’s reboot of Dallas to its massive instant-streaming collection,  just in time for you to catch up for the show’s season three Feb. 24 premiere date. The show’s first two seasons introduced a new generation to Southfork Ranch while incorporating characters from Dallas’ past including Linda Gray and the late Larry Hagman. The drama, which is entirely shot in Texas, found a sizable audience as it averaged 3.8 million viewers during it’s second season. The entire two first seasons have a running time just over 25 hours, so if you’re stuck inside thanks to the recent cold weather, a Dallas binge is in order. Here’s a look at season three:

It’s so true about me & Netflix. What about you?


I never considered myself the obsessive type, till I started watching Netflix.   I can’t help it!

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