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Humor: Why It’s Time To Ban Straight People #stopstraightpeople2014

Enough is enough. The signs are all around us. Change is on its way.

It’s now or never. We must do this.

 Pay attention.

 This is a revolution.

 We need to rise up, come together, and fix a problem that has plagued our towns, cities, and streams for far too long.  #stopstraightpeople2014


No more scary-ass pregnancy announcement photos.


Take away their phones.

See 20+ more reasons by continue reading


I can’t unsee this picture of “Santa the Crossdresser”

Oh why… oh why. Christmas did NOT just come early.

I can't unsee this.  I just can't.  Why oh man, why??

I can’t unsee this. I just can’t. Why oh man, why??

Another photo that you can’t unsee

Another photo you just can’t unsee.  And I REALLY hope it is a fake and photoshopped. But it is still burned in my head….

Please be fake! LOL

Please be fake! LOL

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