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The new Ronald McDonald #NotLovinIt

McDonald’s is struggling with branding, food safety and profits. Is it time for an identity overhaul?


Back in April, when McDonald’s announced its iconic clown mascot’s new presence on social media and unveiled its makeover, the blogosphere flooded with mockery of the missteps. A “whimsical” red blazer? Yellow cargo pants? One blogger said the unfortunate look came “straight out of 1998.” The hashtag #NotLovinIt trended on Twitter.

Then in May, when McDonald’s launched its next big makeover — this time of its Happy Meal mascot — the Twittersphere erupted again. “Congrats #McDonalds, first you fatten our kids, then you haunt their nightmares” was one of the many taunting tweets. The company defended its bizarre redesign — a smiling red box with big, creepy teeth and spindly arms, named “Happy.” “We are not unhappy about [the response],” McDonald’s senior marketing director told CNN at the time. “Happy is not for everyone. He’s about having fun. Really for kids and families.”

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3 comedy pics to brighten the monotony of the day

Hello everyone!  As you know, I actively try to keep a little bit of humor, insanity, a rant or two, and some intelligent though all mixed into one on here.  Probably, because, well that’s what’s going on in my head.  Too much of anything isn’t good.. and throughout our days we have to stop, pause and laugh.

I really related to the one as Hank Hill in the bathroom.  But regardless, I hope these graphics brighten your day too.

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