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Eye Candy Gallery: Sept 11 2014

NSFW: The Bulge Collection

Eye Candy: Random Sexy Men

Here are some random hotties!  To see our previous eye candy galleries, please CLICK HERE.

To see our uncensored pics of the day, please visit:

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NSFW: Latino & More Eye Candy Gallery

NSFW: Eye Candy – Random Hotties

NSFW: Eye Candy July 6 2014

NSFW: Eye Candy July 5 2014

7 Things that make a guy less attractive automatically

The internet is full of blogs, websites and more featuring solutions that can make a man instantly more attractive (without surgery, great expense and extensive procedures, etc) .

Well, here’s a fantastic list I came across of 7 things that can make a man say ‘hell-to-the no!’ and run the other way, FAST.

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