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(Funny Pic) Bear says “I’m UP!”

if you're expecting bright eyed and bushy talked go catch a squirrel


Funny pic – No WiFi so talk to each other!


Pic: Quaker Ginkgo Semen Formula?


(Funny pic) I just found out Redheads DO have a soul!


Just a little humor.

Don’t get upset and support these sexy red-heads:


Funny pic: You might have to grow old but you don’t have grow up!

Funny pic: You might have to grow old but you don’t have grow up!

growing old is mandatory growing up is optional

Genesis wasn’t Adam & Steve it was Phil, Tony & Mike

genesis was not adam and eve

People get so confused.

Funny Pic: Grumpy Cat, Attorney at Law

I would hire him ASAP.grumpy cat attorney at law

Relationship Humor: Maintenance Agreement?

I think it’s the perfect idea.  Never miss another birthday, holiday, anniversary with our new maintenance agreement! LOL


Funny Pic: A little county/Amish humor

As someone who grew up in Pennsylvania (much is Amish Country) I found this amusing. 🙂


Gremlin Humor featuring the ice bucket challenge, yoda, and Nikki Minaj

007 008 009

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