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4 Reasons Why Your Banking Relationship Is About to Significantly Change

4 Reasons Why Your Banking Relationship Is About to Significantly Change

U.S. Financial Companies As Russia Sanctions Loom

Will Google be your business banker? Think about it: Does your business really need a bank? Or maybe, you should just let Google handle it all.

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Getting paid for sharing pics? You might not get wealthy but every bit helps

You might not get wealthy doing it but I will take any extra money I can get.  I share enough pics, so I might as well get something for it and you might as well have the chance too!ban1468ban3

Business Insider & I agree: Amazon is trying be Google

Amazon Please be True to Who You Are.  You are NOT Google.

am-googLess than a week ago, I put down the Wall Street Journal after seeing an article about Amazon’s losses this quarter and all the projects they have going.  I looked at my business partner and said “Do you they know they are aren’t Google?”  Mind you, with all the projects and the desire to be more, coupled with the understanding that our world is becoming increasingly interconnected, I am partially impressed.  I understand having the problem shared by the late Sam Walton of “divine discontentment”.  I am always expanding my horizons, trying a new project, learning something new, etc. I personally love being an entrepreneur.

However, one of the first lessons I learned while studying business was: “Understand what your business is and be true to that.”  In other words if you’re an office supply store, don’t get confused and start selling car parts.

Amazon became famous as an online retailer.  Billions of dollars were made (as well as several millionaires) thanks to the genius behind Amazon.  So, Amazon: Don’t forget who you are and what people loved you for.

Even further Amazon, you don’t need to be Google.  Why? Because we already have a hugely successful one.  Don’t think that just because Google says “don’t be evil” doesn’t mean they won’t steam roll you in a heartbeat. – James Weaver

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Amazon Is Turning Into Google

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A Flaw in Android Leaves Millions (82% of Users) Vulnerable


Image via Flickr / Uncalno

A team of security researchers has discovered a security flaw in Google’s mobile OS which affects handsets running versions up to and including 4.4—leaving a potential 82 percent of Android users at risk.

The vulnerability, discovered by Bluebox Labs and nicknamed Fake ID, stems from how app security is checked on Android. Each app gets its own unique cryptographic signature—it governs who can update it and what privileges it gets—and the whole system runs on a chain of identity certificates. The Guardian explains how this works:

There are “parent certificates” and “child certificates,” which are checked against one another upon installation to ensure they match up and the app is trusted. The parent, usually handed down by the original software creator, effectively proves the child is worthy of being trusted, as part of what is known as the “certificate chain”.

While this should in theory provide a decent level of security, Bluebox Labs claims that up until Kit Kat, Android didn’t carry out enough checks on these certificates. In turn, that means that an identity could claim to be issued by another identity, when in actual fact it wasn’t.

The upshot is that any app could contain a certificate that appears to be handed out by a trusted source—and Bluebox Labs have demonstrated this using Adobe Systems certificates—to abuse the privileges of the parent. Indeed, Adobe Systems certificates grant apps the right to load HTML code in all other applications—which could easily be used to run malicious code. TheAndroid Near Field Communications certificate could similarly be abused to gain access toGoogle Wallet—putting financial data at jeopardy.

Bluebox Labs claims that Fake ID has been present in Android from version 2.1 to 4.4, but that still leaves 82.1 percent of OS installs vulnerable. A patch has now been issued by Google to Android partners and to the Android Open Source Project, but it could be a while before that makes it to your phone. So in the meantime, if you run a version older than Kit Kat, watch you back. [Guardian]

Google shares new Google Drive

Recently, Google gave us a preview on a redesigned look on Google Drive. There are more useful features and redesigned app like Google Slides, instead of Presentation.


Currently, by default, it hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet. But hopefully if your Google Drive is up to date, you should be able to view the new Google Drive.

To view the new Google Drive look, click on the Settings gear on the main homepage of Drive. Then from the drop down menu of the settings gear, click ‘Experience the new Drive’ which will then redirect you to the new view. (See picture below)


If you want to go back to the old Google Drive, simply click the settings gear again and click ‘Leave the new Drive.’

Two Quick Ways to Expand Your Network

If you’re like most people, they are always looking to increase their network.  Whether it’s their amount of friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, readers of their blog, followers on Google Plus, etc.
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AltaVista, The Google Of Its Time: 1 year rememberance

AltaVista, you were closed of July 8, 2013.  It’s been a little over a year.  I still think back and remember how impressive you were in the late 1990’s.  You were a pioneer who helped make the way for Google.


But somewhere along the way, you got lost and forgotten.  Between the failed IPO, the dotcom crash of 2001 and then being bought out by Yahoo as part of the Overture purchase, well you just never stood a chance to keep up with Google.  You were the red-headed step child who had the cult following, but even that eventually thinned.

I loved you, but like so many other lovers you have had throughout the years, you were cast aside and forgotten about.  It wasn’t till this year, when I saw an old article about indexing using AltaVista did I even wonder, what ever happened to that ex-lover of mine.    I went to the old website only to find it to say “Please try the full Yahoo experience at“.


An odd wave of sadness crept in over me, as I realized you were gone.   Although we went out separate ways, you will always have a special place in the heart of this geek.  RIP, my dear AltaVista.

by: James Weaver July 24, 2014

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Chinese Search Giant Reportedly Copying Google With Self-Driving Bikes

I’m guessing only in China would someone want a self-driving bicycle.



We bet all these Shanghai cyclists wish their bikes could do the biking for them. (Wikimedia Commons) We bet all these Shanghai cyclists wish their bikes could do the biking for them. (Wikimedia Commons)

Hot on the heels of Google’s plans to roll out self-driving cars, a search giant in China is rumored to be developing its own fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Chinese search engine Baidu is said to be developing the world’s first driverless bicycles, Tech in Asia reports. Though Baidu hasn’t officially confirmed the project, sources say the bikes could be revealed before the end of 2014.

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Boycotting Businesses Makes a Difference

In our ever increasingly social world that we live in, the voice of the people can be amplified.  Reviews on, Google, Yelp, WordPress, Blog reviews, Angie’s List, and so much more.  We can try to blame it on smart phones, but the simple fact is that businesses know they need to relate to customers on a social level.  And as a result, boycotting and communicating our disapproval of policies can be an increasingly powerful tool.

Mind you, I’m not one of those individuals who boycotts everyone and every business.  I worry about the major offenders and spend my money with companies who reflect my values.  Life has enough struggles, so why support a business who adds to those struggles?


Some of the 10 Worst Business Decisions Ever Made

Through the years, there have been some TERRIBLE business decisions made.  In the long history of poor management decisions made at major American companies, only a few proved to be fatal. It is hard to ruin a company with a single decision. That is especially true when the company has the advantages of huge market share, large and rising revenue, and a history of success. But not all bad decisions are created equal.

Some of these horrible decisions were made by Motorola, Blockbuster (spurned Netflix), Excite Search (didn’t buy Google for less $1 million dollars) and more.  Read all about the terrible decisions:

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