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‘God Loves Gays’ billboard goes viral in Topeka Kansas

‘God Loves Gays’ billboard goes viral Group called ‘The Facebook of God’ put up the sign in Topeka, Kansas


A new billboard in Topeka is going viral and getting national attention due to its message and location. The group known as “The Facebook God” raised more than $80,000 to pay for a billboard that says “God Loves Gays” located near 21st and Western in the capitol city. The “Facebook God” page has more than 1.7 million likes and used a popular online crowd funding website called to generate funds for the message. The indiegogo page said the group wants to promote love.

WIBW reached out to the founders of the group for comment and “God” responded, claiming to be the deity behind the whole thing. God said He is working with the Equality House in Topeka on the campaign. God said the billboard will be up for one year or “perhaps much longer.” Topeka is home to the Westboro Baptist Church, known internationally for its anti-gay protests.



Getting paid for sharing pics? You might not get wealthy but every bit helps

You might not get wealthy doing it but I will take any extra money I can get.  I share enough pics, so I might as well get something for it and you might as well have the chance too!ban1468ban3

Gay Country singer & former model Steve Grand gets naked for charity

Sounds & looks like a great time to me!

steve grand naked

Photo credit: Steve Grand Facebook Page

I don’t always get naked, but when I do, it’s for a good cause. I didn’t want to waste fresh water (since there are so many without) so naturally, I jumped into Lake Superior, naked, after my performance here in Duluth, MN. Video to come soon. I’m donating to ALS (visit as well as 2 other charities I am passionate about. ( and a local LGBTQ homeless youth charity). I nominate ALL of you, to find a charity you are passionate about (in addition to ALS), do your research, and donate according to your means. Love you all! 🙂 -Steve

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Your Heirs Will Have Access to Your Online Accounts (like Grindr) If You Die in Delaware

Time to either delete Grindr or move out of Delaware.

Selfie! (Photo: Google Plus)

Attention Delaware residents: you might want to delete… pretty much everything.

A new state law dictates that if your will is governed by Delaware law, its executors will also gain access to all of your “digital assets” when you die, Ars Technica reports.

Post-mortem, most people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts usually morph into digital shrines, remaining untouched if nobody knows the deceased person’s password. Facebook allows other users to memorialize each other’s accounts after they die.

With Delaware’s new law, your parents or offspring could presumably commandeer your Facebook after you die. They could write a new status about how much you love pooping every single day if they so choose. It’s a terrifying thought.

The Internet has made a lot of things more awkward — first dates, marriage proposals, air safety. Now, it can add will execution to the list.

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Mike Stalker who happens to star in a steamy underwear video ad “A Week in the Life” for C-IN2 which fell victim to Facebook’s censorship ax.

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In a surprising move, Facebook deleted the post which consisted solely of a link that took you back to where the video was hosted and was at no time directly posted onto Facebook!

The video stars Mike Stalker of his first professional modeling career which will no doubt be successful. It also includes Brazilian model Giulia Bizz and Canadian model Anthony Moufarej: in an ad campaign directed by internationally renown photographer Rick Day.

While the video is very sexy and even features a bi-sexualish scene, it is by no means sexually explicit. Anyways, we got the video and we are certainly not going to censor such a fine piece of man ass. Enjoy!


(Funny Pic) Facebook games requests = Jehovah Witness?

It truly is.  And with Facebook games, the person is ALWAYS telling you how GREAT this game is and how it’s better than all the rest.  You have to join.  Everybody is playing.


Two Quick Ways to Expand Your Network

If you’re like most people, they are always looking to increase their network.  Whether it’s their amount of friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, readers of their blog, followers on Google Plus, etc.
So, before we get to the details, a SHAMELESS self-promo:
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expand your social network


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William Shatner Slams Facebook App for Celebs

it’s not the first time William Shatner has spoken out on issues with social media, like when he had issues with Twitter.  Now he’s letting Facebook know he’s not happy either.    Read all about it below in this article:

Memo to Mark Zuckerberg: next time you launch an app aimed at making Facebook easier for celebrities, consider asking William Shatner to beta-test it first.

William Shatner during his one-man show in Vegas in June. IMAGE: ETHAN MILLER, GETTY IMAGES ENTERTAINMENT

William Shatner during his one-man show in Vegas in June. IMAGE: ETHAN MILLER, GETTY IMAGES ENTERTAINMENT

Shatner — yes, that Shatner, the singer, raconteur and sometime starship captain — launched a blistering broadside against Facebook Mentions on his Tumblr account Tuesday. “I’m not quite sure why Facebook released this app,” Shatner concluded at the end of a comprehensive review of its features. “It seems to be ill conceived.”

If you don’t know what Facebook Mentions is, that’s probably because you’re not famous enough.  Launched last week, the app is supposed to make life on the social network easier individuals who command large numbers of fans. They get to swoop in on conversations where fans mention them as well as conduct Q&As from the comfort of — well, anywhere.

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9 great reasons you might want to start freelancing

Many of my Facebook friends are aware of the fact that I have my 9-5 job, but I am also a freelance/entrepreneur.  I think it takes a special type of person, but if you’re that kind of person, 2014 maybe your year.  I keep a regular job because I wanted stability in my paycheck, but the list of reasons seems to be getting shorter and shorter for not being a full time freelance career man.

I love it. The latest airline perk: Safe distance from the masses

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of telling your boss where to put it… consider this fantastic article:

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Facebook to Wave Rainbow Flag in NYC Pride Parade

I’m glad to hear it, however it seems overdue.



For the first time since expanding to New York in 2008, Facebook will have a contingent in the city’s famed Pride March this Sunday.

“There will be 100 or 150 employees, as well as interns, family and friends joining us,” Facebook engineering manager Matt Bush told Betabeat. “We all plan on walking… We hope everyone dresses in really festive outfits.”

Though they’ve participated in Pride marches in other cities, like San Francisco, for years, this is the first time Facebook will march in the NYC parade. The idea was mainly employee-generated, Mr. Bush said.

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