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HIV-Killing Condoms: The Real Story


As Told by the Active Ingredient
In 2005, an estimated 4.1 million people worldwide were newly infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) (UNAIDS 2006). — Rupp, Rosenthal and Stanberry, 2007
Who am I?

My name is SPL 7013. I am the active ingredient in those fancy new “HIV-killing condoms” you’ve been hearing about on Facebook and Twitter. The Washington Post claimed I could kill the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS. That is not true, for several reasons which I will get into later.

The condoms that use me are produced by Starpharma, a major condom manufacturer in Australia. Starpharma claims that I (or the VivaGel for which I am the active ingredient at 3% weight/weight) have “been shown in laboratory studies to inactivate up to 99.9% of viruses, including HIV, the herpes virus (HSV), and the human papillomavirus (HPV), which are common viruses that cause sexually transmitted infections (STIs).” In the form of VivaGel, I have also been used in clinical trials testing for antiviral effects and treatment of bacterial vaginosis.

I suppose you could call me a bit of a hero of late! But, I’m afraid, I’ve let all this media attention get to my head.

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Safe sex condom billboards… Love them and wish they would be more places!

These fun billboards ran about 2 years ago.  I wish they were still around.  I’m thinking of using the graphics and turning them into stickers.  I will just start plastering them everywhere!


Lifesaver condom billboard

Nobody likes having to wear condoms when they’re having sex, but it’s the safest and easiest way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases and keep yourself healthy.

Hardhat condom billboard

Humour and levity is always a great way to lighten the subject matter, so these first two ad creatives featuring a play on the multi-coloured candy ‘Lifesavers’ and equating a condom to a seat-belt or a hard hat, helps evoke the safety message in a simple and an extremely visual way.

Power Up Bottom condom billboard West Hollywood
Power Up Lazy Top condom billboard
The next vibrant campaign from the Impulse Group, in conjunction with AIDS Healthcare Foundation, seeks to promote healthy sexual lifestyles and reduce the spread of HIV in the West Hollywood and greater Hollywood community.

Power Up 3Some condom billboard
Power Up Bottom condom billboard
Seeking to empower people whatever their sexual preferences, sometimes you just have to speak to people in the language they understand and it doesn’t hurt when the message is a bit tongue-in-cheek either.

This lifesaver condom billboard was snapped along Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood on May 31, whilst the hardhat creative was spotted close by along Sunset Boulevard on August 1, 2012.

The clever, witty and eye-catching ‘Power Up’ ads, effortlessly incorporating a condom into their design, were snapped around the streets of West Hollywood along Santa Monica Boulevard, Fairfax Avenue, La Brea Avenue and also at Highland and Franklin Avenues from June 1 to July 14, 2012.

Power Up Bottom condom billboard

Lazy Top condom billboard
For more sexual health advertisements check out these other great AIDS Healthcare Foundation billboards.
3Some condom billboard
And remember, be safe, wear a condom.
Power Up Bottom condom billboard

That’s my kind of picnic: A trojan picnic


If I’m going to be in the great outdoors, I want to make sure I’m having a good time no matter what.

What kind of picnic is this for?

What kind of picnic is this for?

Is this for Pittsburgh’s Delta Foundation Annual Memorial Day Picnic?

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