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If you’ve never tried grubhub food delivery here’s $5 off your order


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Update: Free 3 hour dance mix by DJ Vega

DJ Vega End of Summer James 2014

DJ Vega had this to say about his latest mix:

“This mix was inspired by all the current and popular songs from Bang Bang, Bilando, Maps and so much more I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting this mix together and yes I know it is over 3 hrs of music.”


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Getting paid for sharing pics? You might not get wealthy but every bit helps

You might not get wealthy doing it but I will take any extra money I can get.  I share enough pics, so I might as well get something for it and you might as well have the chance too!ban1468ban3

Get free BitCoins, LiteCoins and more!

Free Bitcoins, Free Litecoins, Free Feathercoins.  Once again, it’s free so why not?

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Discount Coupon for Eat24 (Nationwide food delivery) for this weekend


Hello? Anybody home? (Crickets…) You’re probably at Burning Man soaking up the playa dust and lounging in a solar-powered massage chair like everyone else we know. Since we’re talking to an empty inbox, we feel pretty safe sharing a few of our deep thoughts and highly guarded secrets:


  • It only takes one onion ring in your regular fries to make them special.
  • Breakfast is the only reason mornings are allowed to exist.
  • If you hold a California Roll to your ear, you can hear the beach.
  • Is there a pizza level beyond Supreme?
  • Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. EAT24 spelled backwards is 42TAE. (Nailed it!)


Whew. Now that we got that off our chest, use this coupon to save a few bucks* on your Peking Duck this Labor Day Weekend. Oh and by the way, our coupons don’t take vacations, which means you get an extra day to use the code.

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A free classical sudoku game for Windows

A free classical sudoku game for your computer!


Classical sudoku is a free game where you can easy start to play on one of three levels: easy, medium and high. And there are a few addition features that makes game more interesting. Download now and start to play!

Download Classic Sudoku!

Free Download of EXCLUSIVE Clash of Clans Guide

Clash of Clans Guide

clash of clans guide

The exclusive  Clash of Clans Game Guide is designed to teach players the tricks, tips, and strategies they need to become a better player and soar through the ranks. In addition to describing and analyzing the gameplay, rules, and new changes, our guide includes concrete and actionable advice, including tips from top Clash of Clans players, that will enable players to increase their gameplay skill and win more battles.


Download here:

Clash of Clans Exclusive Guide

Free Download of Exclusive League of Legends Guide

League of Legends Guide

league of legends guide

Our exclusive League of Legends Guide contains droves of condensed, actionable information that will help both beginners and experienced players sharpen their skills and gain the competitive edge they need to dominate the game. In addition to information regarding recent game changes, updated game rules, and rules to avoid being banned, our guide offers concrete tactics and strategies to improve your gameplay, as well as true insider knowledge from some of the top players in the world.

Download here:

League of Legends Exclusive Guide

Do you need free fonts? Here’s 446 free fonts

I always need free fonts.

446 100% free fonts, (I downloaded them myself)

please use this:


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