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Christians can’t comprehend geography?

I have often wondered why some people were so upset by the concept of Jesus not being Caucasian.


Why is it the even though the Bible makes it clear all events take place in the Middle East and or Africayet everyone believes people in the Bible are Causation? To my knowledge Europeans were only mentioned when Rome conquered Israel. What were they called? GENTILES.  There are very, and I mean very, few Caucasians mentioned in The Holy Bible. I’m not trying to be controversial or hurt anyone feelings. This is FACT. I’m tired of people trying to distort facts. The Holy Bible does not revolve around Europe.

It’s very simple people; Europe = White people, Africa = Black people, Middle East = Middle Eastern people — which is a mix of Blacks and Asians. Geography is your friend. LEARN IT! Enough of my words. What does The Holy Bible have to say it’s peoples skin color?

Job 30:30
My skin is black upon me, and…

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(pic) Jon Stewart on Racial Issues


(Funny pic) I just found out Redheads DO have a soul!


Just a little humor.

Don’t get upset and support these sexy red-heads:


An Unexpected Twist: Piracy Used for R&D Helped Save Billions

One of the major TV networks was reported to use an amazing approach when developing its own streaming service. Before the project was authorized, everybody in the company practiced being pirates.

Screen_Hunter_03_AugJust recently the film director Lexi Alexander provided comments not just supporting the jailed Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde, but also those blaming studio bosses for leaks of such films as The Expendables 3. Now Alexander has delivered perhaps the most controversial revelation yet: it turned out that direct leverage of piracy helped a major network launch its own streaming services with much reduced costs.

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“Wish we could say more” says Apple about New iPhone for September 9

The tech industry expects that Apple’s next iPhone with a larger screen will be unveiled in two weeks. The company confirmed the date of its highly anticipated iPhone 6 launch event by sending out invitations featuring a close-up image of the top of the Apple logo saying “Wish we could say more”.

Apple-iPhone-6The event will take place in the Flint Centre in Cupertino. The company is expected to reveal a new larger smartphone at the event, with a 4.7in screen. The new device is expected to compete with larger phones manufactured by Apple’s rivals Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony and even Microsoft. The rumors are that the company will also announce the launch of another new iPhone with a larger 5.5in screen and wearable.
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Become A Man’s Man With These 65 Life Hacks From Goldman Sachs

Investment banking firm Goldman Sachs has published a list of bite-sized tips designed to turn you into the ultimate man. (Apparently, a healthy dose of sexism towards women is a pre-requisite.)



What does it mean to be a man today? @GSElevator and NetNet’s John Carney have attempted to break down the chief rules that every man should live by.

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Recipe: Rigatoni alla Caprese

Ingredients & Directions

Having Google Now on your wrist

Pretty much everybody I know hates their inbox.

It’s not just email either, though it tends to take the brunt of everybody’s anger. There are dozens of apps sending us hundreds of notifications; managing all that incoming information is a genuine hassle. Looking at the notification center on our phones, it’s hard not to imagine some harried, 1930s office worker. His tie is loosened, sleeves rolled up, sweat beading on his forehead underneath a green visor as he looks at the metal tray marked “INBOX” on his desk. It’s piled high with a stack of paper, sent to him from people he doesn’t know and doesn’t love.

android watch

But in this Kafkaesque world, it’s not just people who want more work from him who are adding sheets to the pile. It’s also people who want to tell him the weather, people who want to let him know there’s a great deal on coffee down the street, people who want him to join his so-called friends in a conversation about some random television show. You’d offer to help, but honestly the best help you can think of is to just offer him a match.

Now imagine that inbox is strapped to his wrist. How could that possibly make his life better? That’s the promise of Android Wear. Strange as it may seem, it does help, just a little.

Funny pic: You might have to grow old but you don’t have grow up!

Funny pic: You might have to grow old but you don’t have grow up!

growing old is mandatory growing up is optional

Genesis wasn’t Adam & Steve it was Phil, Tony & Mike

genesis was not adam and eve

People get so confused.

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