Christians can’t comprehend geography?

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Why is it the even though the Bible makes it clear all events take place in the Middle East and or Africayet everyone believes people in the Bible are Causation? To my knowledge Europeans were only mentioned when Rome conquered Israel. What were they called? GENTILES.  There are very, and I mean very, few Caucasians mentioned in The Holy Bible. I’m not trying to be controversial or hurt anyone feelings. This is FACT. I’m tired of people trying to distort facts. The Holy Bible does not revolve around Europe.

It’s very simple people; Europe = White people, Africa = Black people, Middle East = Middle Eastern people — which is a mix of Blacks and Asians. Geography is your friend. LEARN IT! Enough of my words. What does The Holy Bible have to say it’s peoples skin color?

Job 30:30
My skin is black upon me, and…

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