An Unexpected Twist: Piracy Used for R&D Helped Save Billions

One of the major TV networks was reported to use an amazing approach when developing its own streaming service. Before the project was authorized, everybody in the company practiced being pirates.

Screen_Hunter_03_AugJust recently the film director Lexi Alexander provided comments not just supporting the jailed Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde, but also those blaming studio bosses for leaks of such films as The Expendables 3. Now Alexander has delivered perhaps the most controversial revelation yet: it turned out that direct leverage of piracy helped a major network launch its own streaming services with much reduced costs.

When figuring out how to build streaming networks, the developers were seeking how to build a parallel to the broadcast networks where a program could be digitized. Of course, the job of transitioning to the digital domain presented some challenges, but the developers lacked experience to solve such problems. As a result, they had to gain that experience in a most unorthodox fashion – by being pirates. Of course, they didn’t leak content online, but all of them illegally downloaded media.

The red tape exists everywhere, and such major expenditure as creating new networks would have to be passed off by the powers that could take years. But the developers decided that while the authorities were deep in thought, time shouldn’t be wasted down. They started experimenting with their system in the pirate world. In this way, when they finally got an approval from the authorities, they already knew what they were doing.

The company admitted that the unofficial training resulted in huge savings for the network, slashing research and development costs while introducing products more quickly at the market. This is an opposite effect the piracy had on innovations to what Hollywood likes to complain about. So when the entertainment industry starts complaining about piracy costing it billions of dollars, they can be referred to the billions of free R&D they could receive from the pirate economy. Piracy helped the developers solve problems with the tools that were available at the time. And this is just one of the stories revealed by a huge corporation. Perhaps, there are more out there,¬ but not everyone can be brave enough to confess about illegal activity.

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.


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