Discount Coupon for Eat24 (Nationwide food delivery) for this weekend


Hello? Anybody home? (Crickets…) You’re probably at Burning Man soaking up the playa dust and lounging in a solar-powered massage chair like everyone else we know. Since we’re talking to an empty inbox, we feel pretty safe sharing a few of our deep thoughts and highly guarded secrets:


  • It only takes one onion ring in your regular fries to make them special.
  • Breakfast is the only reason mornings are allowed to exist.
  • If you hold a California Roll to your ear, you can hear the beach.
  • Is there a pizza level beyond Supreme?
  • Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. EAT24 spelled backwards is 42TAE. (Nailed it!)


Whew. Now that we got that off our chest, use this coupon to save a few bucks* on your Peking Duck this Labor Day Weekend. Oh and by the way, our coupons don’t take vacations, which means you get an extra day to use the code.

Coupon Code:

eat24 fortune cookie


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