Your Heirs Will Have Access to Your Online Accounts (like Grindr) If You Die in Delaware

Time to either delete Grindr or move out of Delaware.

Selfie! (Photo: Google Plus)

Attention Delaware residents: you might want to delete… pretty much everything.

A new state law dictates that if your will is governed by Delaware law, its executors will also gain access to all of your “digital assets” when you die, Ars Technica reports.

Post-mortem, most people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts usually morph into digital shrines, remaining untouched if nobody knows the deceased person’s password. Facebook allows other users to memorialize each other’s accounts after they die.

With Delaware’s new law, your parents or offspring could presumably commandeer your Facebook after you die. They could write a new status about how much you love pooping every single day if they so choose. It’s a terrifying thought.

The Internet has made a lot of things more awkward — first dates, marriage proposals, air safety. Now, it can add will execution to the list.

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