Video: Gay goth scene & gay bullying

It’s been five years since the Canadian band Hidden Cameras has released a new album, and they have finally dropped a new single and music video for a song titled “Gay Goth Scene.”

The extremely dark music video follows the tragic life of a young gay goth student, who is bullied and harassed everyday at his high school and mocked for being gay. The song and accompanying music video serve as a powerful reminder of the reality of bullying in our schools today and the tragic consequences they often lead to.

gay goth bullying

In an interview with The Grid TO, the band described “Gay Goth Scene” like this: “The song is in a minor key with an apocalyptic ending; was inspired by the idea of youth and forbidden love; and describes a fictional ‘scene’ that only exists in the mind of the protagonist’s paranoid parents. It’s told from the perspective of a mother and father, chastising their teen son about his newfound romance.”

Watch the music video below:

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