The REAL Definition of a Power Bottom

The REAL Definition of a Power Bottom

Gay people like to expand their terminology on a daily basis. I particularly enjoy making up my own words on the D.L. and seeing how fast it spreads in the pipeline, but if there’s one thing I will never stand for it’s the misuse of them. “Power bottom” is becoming more than just a sexual prototype, but a kind of lifestyle most gay guys point to as flamboyant behavior. Trust me, this can’t be further from the truth.

I know what a power bottom is, honey, I’ve been identifying myself one for as long as I can remember. It’s not a typical gay boy that likes to get bottomed now and then. It’s a man with a veryvery strong sex drive for being penetrated extended lengths of time. He’s a man that has no qualms in how fast, how hard, or how big the penetrator is. His confidence is only heightened by his fierce ability to mesmerize any top he comes into contact with, making it the ideal bottoming experience. In other words, he’s a top’s fantasy come to life.

I don’t mean to make you jealous (well maybe I am), but since I started labeling myself a “power bottom,” I’ve received countless of offers from many different guys. The last thing any top wants is for a bottom to squirm and moan about pain. They don’t want to be reminded that it’s, in fact, anal sex, but they need to release their sexual aggression as if pain was nonexistent. This will always be found in a true power bottom.

Nothing pisses me off more than a poser pretending to be something he’s not. I’m sorry, but I thought this was the 21st century. As much as I hate labels, the gay community seems to be turning such lingo into adjectives regarding one’s attitude. “Power bottom” is now being tied to a guy’s personality rather than what he has to offer in the bedroom. If I see one more queen on Grindr claiming to be a power bottom, yet tells me he’s only had anal sex a few times, I’m going to scream.

A power bottom is more than just a size queen or horny toad. He’s a bottom that has tremendous experience, so much so that he can bend over at a moment’s notice and be equally as stimulated as his top. But that doesn’t mean he’s totally submissive. We quickly forget the thing that separates us from the rest of these so-called bottoms: the word POWER.

Power bottoms aren’t slutty just because they could ride a man for hours. They have an extensive amount of self-worth and value they carry with their sexual experiences. Being confident in who they are is the key ingredient to sexually intriguing their tops. It’s through this strategy we gain our power.

I hate to break it to you, but power bottoms, indeed, have more power than any other sexual prototype. We are the epitome of what a bottom should strive for, and no one should apologize for it. Not that there’s anything wrong with being versatile or enjoying a nice d**k from time to time. Hell, I’ve been known to bend a man over too, but when my back is flat on the bed, you better believe my limits are out the door where they belong.

So please, gay guys everywhere, stop labeling yourself a power bottom when you’re only experience of bottoming was with Ted, the bouncer at your favorite club, in the back ally way. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that just because you’re a go-go dancer, you have free reign to label yourself a power bottom. Fantasies like this will only make you and your man disappointed, especially when they experience a true power bottom and realize what they’ve been missing this whole time.


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