Barebacking & HIV Is On The Rise

 Barebacking & HIV Is On The Rise!

Gay Guys - HIV and AIDS Rise in Gay Community

Today, 50% of gay men say that they don’t use a condom consistently. Has the message of HIV prevention been working? Many seem to think that it hasn’t made a real effort in promoting the risks, factors, and  consequences of barebacking. The trend of barebacking has been rising since the invention of the hook-up app. The funny thing is, we have also been seeing an increase in HIV/AIDS statistics. Is there a connection?

According to a recent poll, 46.4% of gay guys who have used hook-ups admit to having bareback sex. 73% of them claimed it was acted out of “impulse.” In this generation, where gay sex is sold constantly as only a “promiscuous act,” it isn’t surprising that most young gay guys don’t feel the need to question.

Since the AIDS crisis twenty years ago, there has been an explosion of HIV testing clinics – more so in the last five years. Testing booths are in clothing stores, farmers markets, coffee shops, circuses, everywhere you go there are testing opportunities. Have these clinics become the only way of alleviating risks? Should we kiss condoms bye-bye?

Guys are guys and 100% of us do not like to wear a condom. It’s a fact. The only reason why the latex condom was invented was to protect the transmission of STDs and since fewer people are dying, the world thinks it’s much safer. It’s not! Every 9 and a half seconds, an American is infected with HIV.

Out of all the sub communities, none other has been affected more than the black community. In the United States, African Americans represent 14% of the population, yet they account for nearly HALF of the 1.2 million people in America living with HIV (men and women). The percentage hasn’t changed in nearly 20 years, yet the annual account of new HIV infections among blacks has increased about 600 per year. Although the act of barebacking is pretty equal among all communities, the fact that it is more prevalent in the black community is the reason why it has made a greater impact within it. The hispanic community is not too far behind. They represent 17% of people living with HIV (men and women) and are consistently rising.

These two communities are often thought to be the stereotypical “Down-Low” husband that spreads his infection to their wives without her knowing. We’ve all seen that Oprah episode… Is this a result of their homophobic culture? It’s not a surprise that it’s difficult to be gay in these two communities since a main trait among the culture is male masculinity. Do you think if we, as a country, made the idea of “masculine vs. feminine” less important that it might help more men be comfortable in coming out within these communities?

Between 2006 and 2009, there was a 46% increase in HIV among gay sex; it is 61% of all HIV cases, and it is constantly growing. The gay community has always been the poster child for HIV – yet we don’t really care, it seems. Barebacking has become a way of life now. There are groups who pride themselves in ONLY barebacking, and when asked their status, they are “unsure.” When have we reached the point that HIV is so blaze?

Ten years ago, you would be shunned out of the bedroom if you didn’t want to wear a condom. The mindset has evolutionized into an uncaring society. We have not cured this disease yet, so why are people surpassing the idea of safe sex? Our young people are now addicted to these hook-up apps and see them as not only a way to meet other gay guys, but a game. This is how they are exploring their “Coming-Out” years! Forget the times when you had to drive yourself to the nearest gay bar, ten miles away, and hope that no one sees you.

They have taken this time in their lives, where men are the most promiscuous, and made it digital. Their life has become a Playstation game with no fear of consequences. Now when someone reads that their sex partner is “clean” or “negative” on their Grindr profile, it has turned into a contractual signature. A working agreement.

Let’s be real with ourselves.


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