This video is too funny! What you can REALLY do with your hashtag

Call me old-fashioned, but I really do feel overwhelmed by social media some days.  And I truly wish that the “Anti-hashtag Movement” would succeed.  I hate it.  It just seems so senseless to hashtag something when it’s not even on twitter. A normally simple sentence becomes a minefield of hashes fraught with a lack of punctuation that would reduces a conversation to a brand new low.  In fact, while the human race has achieved things as amazing such as sending a rover to Mars, our grammar has degraded to #OMGFMLLOLRATCHET

How is it that we have allowed social media to take over so much of our lives that we really are nothing but mindless zombies, who wander the streets bumping into people on our smartphones, slaves to the next big thing, the next Facebook, the next ridiculous hashtag.

I say “ENOUGH!”  Now in this funny video, they encourage the use of the percentage symbol, which of course has enraged SOMEONE, because it has a legitimate use.  Guess what jerkoff – so did the “pound sign” aka hashtag.  Yes, I know the % sign is an intelligent way for users and journalists to sort information quickly and it weakens the known uses for the % symbol by using it incorrectly.

But for the love of things good, please stop with the hashtags.  Furthermore, please don’t use them when speaking either.

All I have to say to anyone using them all the time: F*CKYER hashtags! %takethat


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