Openly gay Indian prince promotes promote Free Gay India campaign

It sounds like a wonderful campaign, but I do believe this will be quite the challenge.


1307542641220.cachedIndia: India’s openly gay crown prince from an Indian royal family will be travelling to the United States to promote his Free Gay India campaign.

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil will be at the US city of Douglas-Saugatuck on Aug. 17 to discuss his new public awareness campaign, “Free Gay India,” according to

The event will be hosted by Chicago human rights attorney Jay Paul Deratany who wrote the GLAAD-nominated play “Haram Iran,” based on the true story of the hanging of two Iranian teenagers who were alleged to be gay.

The event will include a brunch and Q&A session at The Kirby historic mansion in Michigan’s best gay travel destination of Douglas-Saugatuck.

“I have followed Prince Manvendra’s compelling story and the challenges he faced when he chose to come out about his sexual preferences in 2002,” Deratany told “I’m honored to welcome him (and) I’m thrilled that he…

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