15 Food Reasons Italians Are Better At Life (PHOTOS)

n-POURING-WINE-largeAs much as we love our spaghetti & meatballs and fettucini Alfredo, we would gladly give them up for an authentic meal in Italy any day. This hot-blooded country serves up plate after plate of simple, well-rounded pasta dishes. They are masters with the eggplant. And they have blessed us all with the greatest way to use lady fingers: tiramisu. But it’s not just the actual food that makes Italy a food-lover’s paradise. It’s the way they think about their food that sets them apart from the rest.

In Italy, the coffee is hot and to the point, the mozzarella is fresh and the people eat with gusto. Clearly, Italians are just better at life than the rest of us. And that’s just the short list. Read on for the 15 reasons that the rest of us should take notes on how to live from the Italians — or why we should all just up and move to Italy.

#1 They Put Ice Cream IN Their Coffee

ice cream in coffee italians

Photo credit: Flickr: Breville USA

It’s like adding cream and sugar, but a lot more fun. This beautiful coffee drink is called an affogato.

#2 Making Fresh Pasta Isn’t Reserved For Special Occasions

making homemade pasta isn't for special occasions

photo credit: The Simple Things via Getty Images

It’s a way of life instead of a special occasion.


#3 They Created Burrata

Italians Created Burrata

photo credit: Flickr fred_v

It’s like buffalo mozzarella, only SO MUCH BETTER because it has the wonderful addition of cream.

#4 Olive Oil Runs Through Their Veins

Italians olive oil

Flickr: Smabs Sputzer

The average Italian consumes about 14 liters of olive oil a year.

#5 They Don’t Mess Around With Freeze-Dried Parmesean

Don't Mess Around With Freeze-Dried Parmesean

Photo credit: Flickr: ejgrubbs

They use the real deal, and they make it in these enormous wheels.

#6 They Put Their Leftover Risotto To Good Use

They Put Their Leftover Risotto To Good Use

Flickr: stu_spivack

They shape it into a ball, stuff it with ragu, bread it and throw it in the deep fryer. It’s called arancini and it’s almost better than risotto. We commend them for their resourcefulness and respect their ability to fry just about anything.

#7 Spending 3-4 Hours To Make A Ragu Is A Totally Respectable Way To Spend Your Time

 Spending 3-4 Hours To Make A Ragu Is A Totally Respectable Way To Spend Your Time

They have their priorities straight!


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