Vanity Kills: A Gallery Of Women With Booty Shots Gone Terribly Wrong

The influx of women out to get curvier backsides has grown significantly over the last few years. Celebrity women like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian are praised for their large derriere and the “little in the middle, but she got much back,” image has become so popular that women are increasingly seeking butt injections or implants.

Tamara Blaine found Tamira Mobley via the Internet under the company name Silikon Incorp. She paid her installments of $500 to $800 for a procedure that can cost up to tens of thousands. It’s clear by the tales of injections done in back alleys or seedy hotel rooms, that some women lack the funds to have such procedures in safe settings under licensed surgeons and instead opt for cut-rate, and sometimes illegal jobs. Tamara Blaine isn’t the first and sadly, won’t be the last young woman to lose her life over the desire to surgically enhance their body or face through illegal methods.

While curvaceous figures have always been celebrated in the Black community, women of all races, especially Black Women are admitting to feeling increasing pressure to adhere to these coke bottle standards by any means necessary or otherwise feel unaccepted. “Love & Hip Hop” star Nya Lee allowed cameras to document her butt injections to educate women about the procedure.

Whether you agree with surgical enhancements or not, it’s better to be safe than dead. Instead of just talking about the problem, we reached out to three established surgeons to ask them the questions every woman should ask before going under the knife.   Click here to read information from doctors about this procedure and how to find a reliable doctor.

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