Amazon Stays the Course as Its Stock Tanks ($15 billion loss on 7/25/14)

Amazon Stays the Course as Its Stock Tanks

Jeff Bezos presents the company's first smartphone.

The train hurtles down the track, the engineer oblivious to the vanished bridge the villain just dynamited to smithereens. For some investors, that train is Amazon and the engineer is CEO Jeff Bezos, who is throwing every kind of fuel he can imagine into the firebox to keep his locomotive moving: A phone. Drones. Self-produced shows. And now made-to-order 3-D printed items, and possibly a credit card reader.

As Amazon’s shares sink again today after last week’s report of another profitless quarter, three possibilities present themselves. Amazon is about to go off the edge. It’s already in the chasm, sorting through the wreckage. Or the Bezos train is secretly a rocket that will soon take flight.

Certainly by one measure, Amazon has already gone over the precipice. The company lost about 10 percent of its value, or more than $15 billion, on Friday, a day after announcing greater than expected losses, and predicting more losses to come.

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