AltaVista, The Google Of Its Time: 1 year rememberance

AltaVista, you were closed of July 8, 2013.  It’s been a little over a year.  I still think back and remember how impressive you were in the late 1990’s.  You were a pioneer who helped make the way for Google.


But somewhere along the way, you got lost and forgotten.  Between the failed IPO, the dotcom crash of 2001 and then being bought out by Yahoo as part of the Overture purchase, well you just never stood a chance to keep up with Google.  You were the red-headed step child who had the cult following, but even that eventually thinned.

I loved you, but like so many other lovers you have had throughout the years, you were cast aside and forgotten about.  It wasn’t till this year, when I saw an old article about indexing using AltaVista did I even wonder, what ever happened to that ex-lover of mine.    I went to the old website only to find it to say “Please try the full Yahoo experience at“.


An odd wave of sadness crept in over me, as I realized you were gone.   Although we went out separate ways, you will always have a special place in the heart of this geek.  RIP, my dear AltaVista.

by: James Weaver July 24, 2014

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