Straight Guys Flirting With Gay Guys For Fun?

Are Straight Guys Flirting With Gay Guys For Fun?

straight guys flirting with gay guys


Let me get this straight. When a man touches you, leans in to whisper naughty things, and even caresses the top section of your ass, doesn’t that mean he’s flirting with you? At the very least, wouldn’t you expect that he is conscious of the message he’s sending? It seems lately that straight guys everywhere have a new favorite pastime: flirting with gay guys.

Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of circumstances where I’m more than open to receive some sexual harassment from my fellow straighties, but where is the line between harmless flirting and leading me on? If you ask me, it’s between the ass grab and the crooked smile.

Here’s the deal. There’s a guy I know who enjoys, no, lives for the adrenaline that flirting with gay guys brings him. I admit, he’s pretty cute and has been the subject of my fantasies for quite some time. After countless hours of giving into his charms, deep down I knew it would never happen because he identifies himself as “straight.” That in itself should have been a red flag, but when a guy is making continual efforts to woo me, the game becomes more attractive than any second-thought that may arise.

Straight guys who are too shy to flirt with girls have found comfort in flirting with gay guys. The psychological benefits are insurmountable and they’re growing in number. I know gay guys who’ve been caught in the firestorm, often growing feelings and creating fantasies that never come true. To this, I ask why? What is it that straight guys gain from flirting guys who will never please them in the physical way they need?

It’s pretty clear that gay guys find straight guys sexy, but it’s not because they’re “straight,” it’s because they’re men who happen to fall in our taste – which is all subjective. Sure, there are loads of straight guys I’m attracted to, but there are just as many I’m not attracted to. It’s a bit unfair for straight guys to continue pushing their limits with us until we get hot bothered, and suddenly slam us with the unforeseen: “Well, my girlfriend and I….” [Cue: drink, eye roll, turn and walk the other direction] Quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

Straight guys flirt with gay guys – that’s evident – yet we continue to fall for it as if it’s genuine. I learned a long time ago never to fall for someone who’s “questioning” or “confused” or “straight.” I’ve been tugged about too many times that I end up wasting more time trying to get this guy in my bed than is ever logically sensible.

To me, flirting is an intended act that’s supposed to lead to something more. It’s not a self-fulfilling sport meant to feed your own ego with how attractive you are. You can get that anywhere, but to use someone else in your own spider web of tricks is a bit inconsiderate, especially to the gay guy who thinks you’re digging him. It’s hard enough for gay men to find a guy to connect with, which is why we all should start paying attention.

Before you think I’m a bitter Nancy, let me first say that I’m a firm believer in flirting to be cute, but there is a line that is continuously being crossed. So much so that gay guys are limiting themselves in flirting with other gay people. I love it when a hot straight man flirts with me in the steam room just as much as the next gay guy, but there comes a time when we all have to be honest with ourselves. How genuine is it?

If a straight guy is too shy, scared, or insecure to flirt with girls, gay guys seem to be a safe effort in gaining much-needed self-esteem. So where does the problem lie? Is it with them? The world? Their ego? Whatever the case may be, I’ll be the first to tell you that when the next straight guy comes at me with his moves, I’m going to come right back at him with mine to give him a taste of his own medicine. We’ll see how he feels when I’m whispering sweet nothings in his ear and slapping his ass for a change.

Published By: David Artavia | July 8, 2014



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