Fabulous! I love it when Drag Queens shut down homophobic jerks!

marshaI have a special spot in my heart for drag queens who stand up to homophobic jackasses.  As a young, awkward gay man in Pittsburgh, PA I remember one very tall but  “larger than life” drag queen who never took shit from anyone, who would stand up to the protesters, and through her actions, let me know it was OK to stand up for myself as a gay man.  That drag queen was none other than Marsha Mellow (aka Marsha Monster Mellow).  (Please visit Marsha’s Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/marsha.m.mellow)

So, naturally when I found about another drag queen, Mama Tits, was in Seattle this year and shut down protesters, I had to share.  Drag Queen Mama Tits was featured in without a doubt one of the best videos to come out of Pride 2014.

At this year’s Seattle Pride Parade, out and proud queers were met with a sudden onslaught of hate from a group of protesters bearing anti-gay signs and wielding a megaphone.

Mama Tits Shuts Down Anti-Gay Protestors At Seattle Pride Parade


Local drag queen Mama Tits was not having it.

The community icon used her own microphone to school the protestors in the disconnect within their Bible-based, anti-gay logic, and inform them that they, in fact, were the ones spewing hate.

“Why don’t you read your own book and actually follow the teachings to the letter of God and learn to support and love?” Mama Tits asked the group. “You need to drop the hate! You are a sad, sad excuse for a human being. Once you learn to drop the hate, you too can find happiness because we will welcome you in open arms when you learn to open your mind. Not today, Satan! Not today!”

Check out the incredible video below.


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