Can you use the Bible to justify ‘gay-bashing’?

Very well put. Too many people pick and choose which Bible verses they want to adhere to. Thank you for the well thought out posting.

NO, to put it short.

Westboro Baptist Church have hit the headlines over the last few years, coming to my notice first a few years ago through a Louis Theroux documentary. Fred Phelps and his followers have promoted a hate-filled charge at homosexuality, using the funerals of fallen US soldiers as a medium to spread the idea that these men died because God clearly hates gays. A sign saying ‘God hates fags’ being held by a small child is clearly wrong on so many levels, but these men and women believe to their very cores that they are justified in spreading these opinions, despite the media attention that very probably acts as a medium to give them more notice than they deserve. Do they have a point though? Is there a way of justifying the hatred of homosexuality? Can you use the word of God to stop this? 

Using a…

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  1. Considering the first writings of the bible were written years after Jesus was supposed to have died, it is just hearsay, one person’s interpretation of what he was supposed to have said, in a modern day court it would not be allowed as evidence of anything he was ‘supposed’ to have said, it is not evidence of nothing, it is just a storybook to control the masses.

    All religions have been used for more than two thousand years to control the masses and it is only now albeit a bit late that people are questioning it, religion may rule the world but not me, love is love no matter who it is between, a man and a woman, man and a man or female and a female.

    There will always be bigots but thankfully they are a dying breed!


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