And the Most Gay-Friendliest City in America Is…

I was surprised that it wasn’t the usual cities like NYC or SF.

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This past month, Nerd Wallet revealed the most LGBT-friendly cities in the country, and the number one destination is far from predictable.

Taking the crown from world-renowned gay-friendly cities like San Francisco and New York City, Seattle is reportedly the gay friendliest of them all, according to a new analysis. At Nerd Wallet, numbers were crunched, data was analyzed and several factors were assessed to determine the results, including presence of gay community, LGBT-friendly laws and opportunities and LGBT safety and tolerance. While Seattle came out on top with the highest scores, the other cities in the top ten include San Francisco, Atlanta, Oakland, Long Beach, Minneapolis, Austin, Jersey City, St. Paul and Chicago.

Seattle ranked in at number 3 with Advocate magazine’s 2014’s Gayest Cities in America, and it came in 6 in the Vocative Queer Index, revealed last week…

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