Hot & Sexy or Tacky & Trashy? The new Andrew Christian Video

Andrew Christian seems to have had a fantasy about soccer in his latest over-the-top/bottom/versatile video, “World Un-Cupped.”  Instinct magazine thought it was how teens fantasize, but I think it’s more about how older men fantasize about soccer.  I personally would wish that Andrew Christian would focus more on selling underwear and less on making softcore porn.  Don’t get me wrong, still a fan.  Just sayin’. LOL


 Warning: AC’s resident stuffer didn’t hold back for this video.  I thought it was ridiculous, but that might just be me.  I don’t get excited over a man in a strap on.
However, I have looked at a variety of comments and it’s been a mixed review so far.  Some people think it’s sexy, while others think his underwear is terrible and the video was tacky and trashy, since the models where OBVIOUSLY stuffed.
Take a look at the video and vote in my polls if you think it’s sexy or tacky.

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