Video Followup: More Amazing Choreography in Heels

Beyoncé Is Probably Jealous Of These Guys’ Fierce, High Heeled Choreography

Sound the alarm!

Anyone who remembers the “Single Ladies” craze knows that Beyoncé is well acquainted with uberly quick, flawlessly executed choreography. But with the way these guys stay in perfect sync, we could see the reigning queen of pop music getting a little green.

Dancing in high heels is no easy feat, but it’s the signature move for French dancers Yanis Marshall, Arnaud Boursain and Mehdi Mamine. The number above is actually the just-released rehearsal for their final “Britain’s Got Talent” appearance earlier this month. Seeing how they worked it while not on stage, it’s a little hard to believe they didn’t take top prize.

The dancers previously made headlines grooving to Spice Girls in Paris.

Now, ‘scuse us while we hit replay.


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