So, I had someone try to comment that a posting on my blog was “too inappropriate”

I shook my head and then I laughed.  Someone tried to comment that a posting on my blog was “too inappropriate”.  Trust me I laughed.  Not a giggle, but a full-out laugh.

Really, what did this person think when they decided to follow me on Twitter or by blog here at WordPress?

Now, yes, I know that I’ve never posted realistic YET FAKE (WAX) naked mannequins before.  I didn’t know THAT was the imaginary line!!

I guess for me, I check out a person’s posts before I follow them, whether it’s on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, WordPress, etc.

I will say and post whatever I want on MY BLOG.

I will say and post whatever I want on MY BLOG.

If you haven’t figured out by now my blog has a random series of posts, ranging from gay dating tips, offensive pics that you just can’t un-see (cross dressing Santa), humorous/raunchy e-cards and other graphics, basic news (that you might not see elsewhere), discounts and promo codes for those like me who watch their budget, odd viral posts and more.

I hope you’re like me and don’t offend easy, like by seeing a FAKE NAKED MAN or WOMAN GETTING HER CROTCH SPRAYED WITH FEBREEZE!!  Oh and lots of talk about GAY stuff.  Eek!  And don’t worry, I just had to say my piece.  And now I figure, if I’m not offending someone, somewhere, then I’m NOT doing something RIGHT!

you're in my inappropriate thoughtself 8


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