*Sob* Dem Rep. Jim Moran Wants You to Know That Congress is “Underpaid”

I really wonder what goes through some politicans minds.

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A background on Moran:  He’s a mentally unstable douchebag and contemptible fuckstick who openly disrespects the military, and insults black Republicans.

From the Washington Times.

A retiring Democratic congressman from Virginia says federal lawmakers don’t make enough money to get by in both Washington and back home.

“I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid,” Rep. James P. Moran told CQ Roll Call.

“I understand that it’s widely felt that they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.”

Moran told the publication that some lawmakers live out of their offices while in the nation’s capital, or in “small little apartment units” that make it hard to spend time with their families.

A Republican-led appropriations bill introduced this week would retain a freeze on lawmakers’ salaries that has been in place since 2010…

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