Texas Man Applies For Job With Resume And Dick Pic

Texas Man Applies For Job With Resume And Dick Pic

An unemployed man in Dallas can now beef up his job applications in the “criminal history” section after including a dick pic along with his resume. The unique portfolio was sent to Texas Workforce Solutions, a staffing company, in hopes of finding job placement.

Unfortunately, all the gutsy applicant landed was a misdemeanor on his criminal record. The 25-year old TWS employee who opened his application package called the police, who were able to quickly track down the show-off because he used his personal email address in the submission.

Despite the display of business acumen, the man in question remains unemployed.

“I think I know why he can’t find a job,” Dallas police spokesman Demarquis Black tells the Dallas Observer.

Maybe he’s just looking in the wrong industry? There are plenty of companies that require a dick pic along with one’s resume!


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