Don’t be filled with hate & it doesn’t matter what side/political party/belief system you have!

I am constantly appalled by people and their hate speech.  But are YOU guilty??

Being hateful and speaking hate speech is wrong no matter what.  It’s doesn’t matter what Political Party you belong to, what religion someone is, what their sexual orientation is, what the color of their skin is, etc.  Being gay and filled with hate isn’t any better than being heterosexual and filled with hate.  Hatred poisons the mind and soul, no matter the sexual orientaion.

Stop ALL hate speech.

Stop ALL hate speech.

I see Facebook walls, on YouTube and more all filled with hate, but by those who claim to want an end to hatred and bullying.

LGBT community, for one, has made major efforts to end bullying and stop hate speech.  But I have seen more gay men full of the nastiest hate and spew some of the nastiest statements.

In my opinion, hate speech is wrong no matter what.  It doesn’t matter what side you are on, because both sides almost ALWAYS believe that they are correct.

  • Hating someone because of their religion (it doesn’t matter if there religion is anti-LGBT)
  • Hating someone because of thier political affliation (saying all Republicans are hate mongers is an unfair & incorrect generalization)
  • Hating someone because of the color/pigment of their skin.
  • Hating someone because of the sexual orientation
  • Hating someone because they aren’t the so called “acceptable” type of gay (either too gay, not enough, etc)
  • Hating someone because they are trans
  • Hating someone because they don’t share your views, whether political, religious or cultural.

Name calling, bullying, hate speech is wrong, no matter who you target and even if you’ve been hurt.  Fighting hate with hate tends to be a dangerous and hurtful route for both sides and few arguments have even been won by insults.  (The phrase “Oh you just called me a f*ck face and a stupid a*shole.  You MUST be correct because you called me names and swayed me with your insults!” has probably never been honestly said.)

Crying that people hurt your feelings and persecute you or someone you care about when you are just as guilty makes for a hollow argument.

An intelligent, compassionate and compelling argument tends to sway hearts and minds while a hate-filled argument doesn’t.  Speaking hate speech just doesn’t hurt the other party, it hurts us all.


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A quirky, opinionated gay guy who offends both liberal and conservatives.

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