Jeez, what’s with all the cop shows?

Why are we as a nation obsessed with crime and police shows? I mean, really enough is enough!

Cops, Bones, Law & Order and it’s many spin offs, The Closer, etc

These shows are on every day of the week without fail. First runs, reruns and marathons.


Why do these shows dominate the air waves?  Is this what people really want to watch or are we just being brainwashed?  Every time I turn on the TV, there they are. They have been there for years and years, from TJ Hooker, The Commish, Miami Vice etc.
Are these shows a way of keeping us in line, getting it into our heads that we cannot get away with a major crime? To preserve social order to some degree? To believe and trust authority?

Or perhaps it’s that we need everyday heroes. Out there, on the streets, men and women, every day doing their jobs.

I’m not saying that I haven’t watched some of these shows on occasion, but come on. I’m also a mostly law abiding citizen, so it’s not that I’m anti-police. It just seems to me that these shows are dis-proportionately high in their numbers.

Go ahead and look at your TV guide channel and tell me what you see besides a society that tells you what to think, eat, wear and in this case…watch. It seems to be nothing but a mix of cop shows and reality TV.  Let me know if you agree or disagree and why.


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