Random Political Graphics: Support American Workers, Buying American & Mr. Cheney how is eating unpatriotic?

Some of these graphics are an odd, yet accurate summation of my political beliefs.  Of course, people sometimes ask, “But I thought you were a Democrat or a Liberal?  But what’s with the posts?”  So, let me dispel those nasty rumors.

I am an American Citizen, a business man and a patriot.  I work in America, I support America and I believe by spending our money in America, on American made products (even if it might occasionally cost more) is the right thing to do.


I believe in the separation of Church and State.  Not because I’m not Christian.  Because I’m intelligent and understand that even though America is primarily a Christian nation, there are people here of all beliefs and religions.  So, my religious beliefs, I my opinion should NOT be law.  Moral guidelines? Absolutely.  Law? No way.  After all, if we turned every religion’s rules into law, no only would we have conflict if we can eat meat on Fridays and is eating shell fish wrong, we would end up violating our own religious rights in the process.  Don’t force your beliefs on me and I won’t force mine on you.


I hear people complaining about all the social programs there are.  But I find myself wondering, “why are we so upset about a social program that helps our veterans, that puts food in the mouths of our starving citizens?”  There is so much waste in this country, not just in the federal government but in outrageous corporate subsides and federal programs.  I think to continue to be a great nation, we must help our own citizens first.


Former Vice President Cheney, some countries in the past have focused on a strong military but not the welfare of their citizens.  What good does it do to spend billions, if not trillions on military development when our population has millions who are hungry? How is feeding people unpatriotic? Please tell me you’re not idolizing the leaders of North Korea!


Eating is unpatriotic? It’s that kind of thinking that bothers me.  And I’m not ready for a 3rd Bush.


Mind your own business, tea party members and conservatives.  I find it ironic seeking freedoms from taxation, but want to regulate the personal freedoms of citizens.  In case you missed it conservatives, part of a smaller government (and the deregulation many Republicans call for) doesn’t include regulating the lives of the American people.  Deregulation doesn’t just apply to business, it applies to people as well.  Let me eat what I want, drink what I want, love who I love, own my gun and pursue my happiness as I see fit.


So, there ya go.


About The Mental Meddler

A quirky, opinionated gay guy who offends both liberal and conservatives.

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