Don’t even talk to me about iPhone 6. Even though the screen looks amazing.

Yeah, I know.  The iPhone 5s is out, so of course, we have to be excited about the next model. It’s not me being anti-Apple.  Just stop with the upgrades, my wallet can’t take it.  It takes me 2 months to figure out the basic features.  I’m about ready to trade it all in for a flip phone so it’s just a phone and not a walking talking computer.

But if you wanted to know more and you should, sadly.. here’s the info:

The iPhone 6 Display Is Going To Look Amazing

The best thing about the next iPhone’s screen may not be its size.

In recent months, several news outlets have reported that Apple may use a technology called quantum dots to enhance features of their next-generation display.

Quantum dots are nanocrystals made out of semiconductors. When working with objects measured in billionths of a meter (that’s what “nano” means), you tend to get weird “quantum” effects — the physical rules you have to work with change.

Quantum dots are interesting to display manufacturers because their weird effect is that they can be tuned to emit very specific frequencies of light — in a screen, that means colors can be reproduced more accurately than with traditional materials.

Back in December, AppleInsider’s Mikey Campbell wrote up a summary of an approximately 18-month-old patent filing Apple made describing how it would use quantum dots in displays. Apple thinks it could significantly improve color reproduction in its Retina display by emitting light through a thin film of quantum dots.



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