Dear Arizona Rep Ron Barber

Let me first preface: Rep Ron Barber (who is my area Representative in Tucson) has been a wonderful breath of fresh air.  I am a HUGE supporter of him and his efforts.  If he needs re-election help after I move out of Arizona, I will do all I can, including financial donations to this leader.

However, here’s my brief letter:

Honorable Rep. Ron Barber thank you for urging the Governor to veto this horrible, horrible legislation. However, I am moving out of this state. I know when I’m not welcome. I am a business owner and resident of Arizona, but no more. I am moving my business and my life out of this state. The Arizona Legislature clearly does not care about it’s citizens or the businesses in this state. I hope and pray you will continue to do the right thing and work to end discrimination in this beautiful yet troubled state.


Feb 21, 2014,Press Release

TUCSON – U.S. Rep. Ron Barber today issued a statement on SB 1062, which has been passed by the Arizona Legislature and sent to Gov. Jan Brewer.

The bill shields businesses from being sued if they deny service based on religious beliefs. It is seen as a way for business owners to legally discriminate against gay people or others by claiming that the discrimination is religious-based.

Barber’s statement:

I strongly oppose SB 1062 – a deeply offensive piece of legislation that would give legal protection to business owners who discriminate against certain groups of individuals. This bill clearly is aimed at LGBT Arizonans.

Those who supported this bill claim it is a way to protect the constitutional right of freedom of religion. No religion legitimizes discrimination.

SB 1062 takes us back to the days when businesses were allowed to have “white only” lunch counters, waiting rooms and drinking fountains. Arizona must not take such a giant step backward.

This bill will divide Arizona. It will hurt our community and our economy.

I call upon Gov. Jan Brewer to veto SB 1062 and send a message that Arizona is not a state that legalizes hate and discrimination. This bill is wrong.

In addition to Barber’s opposition to the bill, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council is among the business organizations opposing this bill, saying that companies considering Arizona locations already have said they will look elsewhere if SB 1062 becomes law.


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