The Six Gay Men You Never Want To Meet

I found it to amazing accurate. But I could have added possibly another 2 more types. A work in process, perhaps.

The Unfiltered Life and Times of a Very Gay Man


For today’s gay guy, the social scene can more closely resemble a modern house of horrors. No matter who you are, every gay man has a few traits that are truly cringe-worthy. But there are some mutations among us that belong under the glare of a microscope instead of sitting across from the dinner table.

These bizarre distortions of gay men walk among us in plain sight, masking their deformities behind their coiffed hair and moisturized faces. But don’t be fooled, these dastardly characters should be kept far from your phonebook contacts and even further from your cocktail parties.

So step right up and marvel at the six gay men that you never want to meet, but make sure you stay behind the glass partition.


Dr. Sober, Mr. Sloppy
This villain is practically impossible to spot during business hours. By day, Dr. Sober is the perfect example of what the modern…

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